Best Drug Rehabilitation: The Effects of Marijuana on the Body

Cannabis_PlantMarijuana use has several short- and long-term effects on the body that users may not consider. The most problematic acute, or short-term, effects include motor impairment and increased reaction time. For this reason, individuals should never operate a car or other machinery while under the influence of marijuana. Individuals should also be aware of the possible psychological effects of marijuana, including anxiety, paranoia, and depersonalization. Some studies have linked marijuana use to episodes of psychiatric illness, such as mood and schizophrenia-related disorders.

Furthermore, individuals who regularly smoke marijuana may develop serious respiratory and cardiovascular problems in the long term. Researchers continue to debate other long-term effects of marijuana abuse, but possible links include the reduction of short-term memory and an inhibited ability to learn. In addition, researchers have proposed links between regular marijuana use and depression.

About Best Drug Rehabilitation: Based in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers care that combines Western and Eastern approaches to substance abuse recovery and emphasizes the steps necessary for lifelong rehabilitation.

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Best Drug Rehabilitation: Imagination Heals Presents Butterfly Award

At the end of February, philanthropists, celebrities, and performers gathered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to celebrate the launch of Imagination Heals, a non-profit devoted to connecting children’s hospitals with artistic enrichment. Founded by Per Wickstrom, the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, Imagination Heals also used the event to thank several key individuals.

The non-profit presented its first annual Butterfly Award to famed musician and recording artist Lester Chambers. One of the first celebrities to sign with Imagination Heals’ inaugural project, a musical entitled Pacha’s Pajamas, Mr. Chambers plays the role of Grandpa Bear in the production. The soul vocalist who brought the world such hits as Evil Woman and You Give Me Love, he performs in the nature-themed musical alongside the children’s Agape Choir.

Sponsored in part by Best Drug Rehabilitation, Pacha’s Pajamas hopes to bring joy and healing to children, and adults alike who have been hospitalized for serious illnesses. Best Drug Rehabilitation has seen the impact of getting these sick children, and Adults who also may drug addiction problems to follow the arts. They have seen a great response the program.

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Best Drug Rehabilitation Applauds Aaron Ableman of BALANCE Edutainment

The author of the children’s book Pacha’s Pajamas, Aaron Ableman helped bring his work to life in a partnership between BALANCE Edutainment and Imagination Heals. The co-founder of BALANCE Edutainment, he has experimented with a variety of platforms to present socially conscious art and music to individuals of all ages. Additionally, Ableman possesses a passion for Addiction causes and has participated in drug and alcohol healing projects in countries around the world. He has used stories like Pacha’s Pajamas to inspire young people to care more deeply about the world around them. Thanks to BALANCE Edutainment’s recent collaboration with Imagination Heals, children will be able to experience Pacha’s Pajamas in musical form. A full-length pop musical for children, Pacha’s Pajamas will be performed before groups of children who have been hospitalized for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Both Ableman and Imagination Heals hope that the story’s whimsical characters and lively music will give these children a joyful escape.

This production is sponsored in part by Best Drug Rehabilitation of Manistee, Michigan. For more information about Best Drug Rehabilitation, please visit

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Best Drug Rehabilitation: Music, Mood, and Healing

Recent science suggests that music has the potential not only to lift moods, but also to promote healing. Research has shown that different regions of the brain respond more to music than any other stimulus, suggesting that various types of music therapy could be used to help patients regain such functions as speech and memory. With that said Per Wickstrom CEO of looks at music being beneficial to individuals overcoming many illness as well as drug and alcohol addiction problems.

Imagination Heals, a non-profit organization founded by Aaron Ableman, creates musical programming for hospitalized children. Working directly with children who have been diagnosed with cancer, a blood disorder, or some other serious disease, Imagination Heals strives to transport children from the hospital into a creative new world. Furthermore, the organization believes that music has the potential to change these young people’s lives for the better. Currently, the organization is presenting performances of Pacha’s Pajamas, a pop musical featuring a host of animal characters.

Experts at Best Drug Rehabilitation also apply this technique to help adults recovering from addiction. This residential treatment center in Manistee, Michigan, offers both music and art therapy, along with other holistic programs.

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Best Drug Rehabilitation on the Advantages of a Residential Treatment Program

When seeking drug addiction rehabilitation, choosing the right center can be a challenging task. One key aspect to consider is whether or not a center offers a residential treatment program. After individuals struggling with addiction go through detoxification, they often benefit from continued inpatient services, which provide built-in support networks while keeping clients removed from situational temptation.

Clients who opt for residential treatment programs have 24/7 access to mental health professionals, and they spend the majority of their time with people overcoming similar challenges, which leads to increased solidarity and bonding. Additionally, residential centers offer clients the opportunity to become self-sufficient before they face the situations, people, or places that led them down the road to addiction in the first place.

A residential center, Best Drug Rehabilitation has treated numerous clients at its Manistee, Michigan, campus. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers group and individual therapy, as well as holistic treatments such as massage and acupuncture.

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The Physical, Mental, and Social Repercussions of Synthetic Drug Abuse

imagesSynthetic drug abuse puts the user, as well as those around him or her, at risk. Often, these drugs can cause paranoia and hallucinations that lead to violent and unexpected outbursts. Euphoria can quickly turn into depression or rage, which may result in terrible actions such as violence against others and self-mutilation. Physical effects of drug use include excessive sweating, insomnia, and bursts of energy. Repeated use can cause kidney failure, issues with blood circulation, and rapid heartbeat, all of which have serious consequences.

When individuals abuse synthetic drugs, they often exhibit strange, out-of-character behavior that can strain relationships and leave loved ones confused or even scared. People who use synthetic drugs may begin lying and deceiving their friends and family. Although synthetic drugs have a lower economic impact than other substances, 60 percent of users are under the age of 25. They often resort to theft in order to support their addiction, especially if they find themselves unable to perform at work.

Located in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation provides a holistic approach to treatment and allows each participant to create an individualized plan for overcoming addiction.

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Recovery Workshops Available at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Offering a broad range of services out of its facilities in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation takes a holistic approach to recovery and allows program participants to customize their treatment according to individual interests and goals. Patients can choose to engage in a variety of recovery workshops that address different approaches to treatment and enable them to develop new passions that they can pursue once they complete the program. Ultimately, these workshops give individuals the tools they need to maintain their sobriety.

Some of the most popular workshops focus on music and art. The courses provide a forum for patients to express emotions that may not otherwise engage in verbally. Although some individuals choose to create their own art and music, others simply explore new styles and genres. Complementary workshops focus on physical fitness and nutrition, martial arts, yoga, and anger management. The center also offers practical workshops on studying for the GED and writing high-quality resumes. In addition, participants can take workshops on problem solving and financial planning, which teach them how to avoid difficult financial situations and deal with challenging issues in constructive ways.

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