Nine Goals: A Brief Introduction to the Best Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Process

Situated in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation helps clients struggling with addiction to overcome their dependencies and reintegrate successfully into normal life. To meet these objectives, the center has developed a program that takes clients through nine successive goals, beginning with detoxification.

During detox, clients battle their withdrawal symptoms with the assistance of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s talented medical team. The program’s second goal includes orientation, during which clients learn about the counseling and support they will receive for the next several weeks or months. The Manistee, Michigan, clinic then spends time on goals three through five, which include training in enhancing communication and self-improvement.

Once clients have made significant progress toward these objectives, they begin discussing what it means to be fully recovered. Drawing on these discussions, they develop prevention and aftercare plans and subsequently graduate from the program. Best Drug Rehabilitation’s ninth goal involves providing support for clients as they start navigating their lives without drugs or alcohol.

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