Best Drug Rehabilitation: Imagination Heals Partners with Pacha’s Pajamas

A leading addiction treatment center located in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation and its sister company, A Forever Recovery, worked with Per Wickstrom to establish Imagination Heals, a program that provides creative outlets for children undergoing extended treatment in hospitals. Imagination Heals has reached out to Pacha’s Pajamas, a children’s musical that features lively pop tunes and chronicles a young girl’s quest to save the world. Pacha’s Pajamas enthusiastically agreed to stage a show at the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, which marked the first of many such performances at children’s hospitals.

Pacha’s Pajamas provides free copies of its book and audio recording to doctors across the country. The organization recognizes the therapeutic effects of music, which has proven to be an effective method of treatment for the depression and anxiety that often accompany extended hospital visits. Through its affiliation with Imagination Heals, Pacha’s Pajamas has helped numerous children when they need it the most.

To learn more about Pacha’s Pajamas and Imagination Heals, visit

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