Imagination Heals Presents Pioneer Award

An organization established by the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, Imagination Heals brings the arts to children who have been hospitalized. This year, at its inaugural awards banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Imagination Heals recognized Discovery Arts as its Pioneer Award winner.

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For two decades, Discovery Arts has been performing live shows in various Los Angeles-area children’s hospitals. The organization and its volunteers also help children tap into their creative energy by bringing craft supplies and spending one-on-one time with them. Today, the organization’s programming reaches an estimated 350,000 children. Both Imagination Heals and Discovery Arts understand the powerful role that music, laughter, and entertainment can play in the healing process and seek to bring a bit of fun and normalcy to the children’s ward.

As Imagination Heals continues to grow and expand, Best Drug Rehabilitation CEO Per Wickstrom hopes to see the organization affect exponentially more young people. get better from all the illness that they face including Drug and alcohol addiction Learn more about both Imagination Heals and Best Drug Rehabilitation by visiting

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