Recovery Workshops Available at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Offering a broad range of services out of its facilities in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation takes a holistic approach to recovery and allows program participants to customize their treatment according to individual interests and goals. Patients can choose to engage in a variety of recovery workshops that address different approaches to treatment and enable them to develop new passions that they can pursue once they complete the program. Ultimately, these workshops give individuals the tools they need to maintain their sobriety.

Some of the most popular workshops focus on music and art. The courses provide a forum for patients to express emotions that may not otherwise engage in verbally. Although some individuals choose to create their own art and music, others simply explore new styles and genres. Complementary workshops focus on physical fitness and nutrition, martial arts, yoga, and anger management. The center also offers practical workshops on studying for the GED and writing high-quality resumes. In addition, participants can take workshops on problem solving and financial planning, which teach them how to avoid difficult financial situations and deal with challenging issues in constructive ways.

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