The Physical, Mental, and Social Repercussions of Synthetic Drug Abuse

imagesSynthetic drug abuse puts the user, as well as those around him or her, at risk. Often, these drugs can cause paranoia and hallucinations that lead to violent and unexpected outbursts. Euphoria can quickly turn into depression or rage, which may result in terrible actions such as violence against others and self-mutilation. Physical effects of drug use include excessive sweating, insomnia, and bursts of energy. Repeated use can cause kidney failure, issues with blood circulation, and rapid heartbeat, all of which have serious consequences.

When individuals abuse synthetic drugs, they often exhibit strange, out-of-character behavior that can strain relationships and leave loved ones confused or even scared. People who use synthetic drugs may begin lying and deceiving their friends and family. Although synthetic drugs have a lower economic impact than other substances, 60 percent of users are under the age of 25. They often resort to theft in order to support their addiction, especially if they find themselves unable to perform at work.

Located in Manistee, Michigan, Best Drug Rehabilitation provides a holistic approach to treatment and allows each participant to create an individualized plan for overcoming addiction.

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