Best Drug Rehabilitation: Music, Mood, and Healing

Recent science suggests that music has the potential not only to lift moods, but also to promote healing. Research has shown that different regions of the brain respond more to music than any other stimulus, suggesting that various types of music therapy could be used to help patients regain such functions as speech and memory. With that said Per Wickstrom CEO of looks at music being beneficial to individuals overcoming many illness as well as drug and alcohol addiction problems.

Imagination Heals, a non-profit organization founded by Aaron Ableman, creates musical programming for hospitalized children. Working directly with children who have been diagnosed with cancer, a blood disorder, or some other serious disease, Imagination Heals strives to transport children from the hospital into a creative new world. Furthermore, the organization believes that music has the potential to change these young people’s lives for the better. Currently, the organization is presenting performances of Pacha’s Pajamas, a pop musical featuring a host of animal characters.

Experts at Best Drug Rehabilitation also apply this technique to help adults recovering from addiction. This residential treatment center in Manistee, Michigan, offers both music and art therapy, along with other holistic programs.

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