Best Drug Rehabilitation Applauds Aaron Ableman of BALANCE Edutainment

The author of the children’s book Pacha’s Pajamas, Aaron Ableman helped bring his work to life in a partnership between BALANCE Edutainment and Imagination Heals. The co-founder of BALANCE Edutainment, he has experimented with a variety of platforms to present socially conscious art and music to individuals of all ages. Additionally, Ableman possesses a passion for Addiction causes and has participated in drug and alcohol healing projects in countries around the world. He has used stories like Pacha’s Pajamas to inspire young people to care more deeply about the world around them. Thanks to BALANCE Edutainment’s recent collaboration with Imagination Heals, children will be able to experience Pacha’s Pajamas in musical form. A full-length pop musical for children, Pacha’s Pajamas will be performed before groups of children who have been hospitalized for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Both Ableman and Imagination Heals hope that the story’s whimsical characters and lively music will give these children a joyful escape.

This production is sponsored in part by Best Drug Rehabilitation of Manistee, Michigan. For more information about Best Drug Rehabilitation, please visit

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