About Best Drug Rehabilitation

Best Drug RehabilitationBest Drug Rehabilitation, a residential treatment center in Manistee, Michigan, offers a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. The program begins with medically supervised detoxification, which cleanses the body and allows clients to overcome physical dependencies. This stage of recovery often involves changes to the diet and regular exercise, as well as dietary supplements, chiropractic care, massage therapy, or acupuncture, depending on the client’s needs. Next, clients of Best Drug Rehabilitation commit to overcoming their addictions emotionally and spiritually by identifying the root of their issues and learning new patterns of behavior.

Each client at the Manistee, Michigan, center works closely with a case manager, a team of addiction professionals, and a personal counselor to develop an individual approach to treatment. The program emphasizes learning how to communicate effectively and deal with stress in a healthy manner. With that in mind, many clients choose to learn new, valuable skills during treatment that they can use in their lives after completing rehabilitation.

As part of the goal of self-improvement, Best Drug Rehabilitation clients can participate in a number of specialized activities, including indigenous Native American programs developed by White Bison, Inc.; faith-based programs that explore individual spirituality; and yoga and martial arts training. During this period, clients also form a relationship with someone who has overcome addiction. This person serves as a role model and shows the client how to approach their problems in a constructive manner.

Best Drug Rehabilitation emphasizes the importance of aftercare in preventing relapse and encourages clients to find support groups in their local areas. In some cases, the Manistee, Michigan, facility recommends that clients reside in sober homes as they adjust to their new lives.


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